Insurance services

Insurance services

As a universal company, we provide a wide range of insurance services, both for individuals and legal entities, depending on their needs and opportunities. At the moment, we provide services of the life insurance field and the general insurance field. Cooperation is conducted with insurance companies of both the public and private sectors, which have gained the reputation of a reliable partner and invariably are among the leaders of the insurance market of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

All our clients can unanimously confirm that when they turned to us for insurance, they did not have to waste their precious time in search of the right solution. Thanks to cooperation with such insurance companies as Kapital Sug’urta, DD General Insurance, New Life Insurance and O’zbekinvest Hayot, we have in our possession the entire arsenal of insurance services in one office. Our staff will advise, promptly make calculations and help you draw up an insurance contract that fully meets your requirements.

Searching for a suitable insurance company and studying insurance rules takes a lot of time. Depending on the needs of all types of businesses, we can prepare a mini tender documentation, which in turn will affect the productivity of the business, due to the time saved.

We provide the following insurance services:
• Aviation insurance;
• Health insurance;
• Third party liability insurance;
• Insurance of banking business;
• Insurance of online cardholders;
• Cargo insurance;
• Railway rolling stock insurance;
• Life insurance and annuities;
• Borrower’s life insurance;
• Pledged property insurance;
• Health insurance;
• Property insurance;
• Mortgage insurance;
• Insurance for marriage;
• Credit insurance;
• Insurance in case of illness;
• Insurance of land vehicles;
• General liability insurance;
• Leasing facility insurance;
• Accident insurance;
• Insurance against other financial risks;
• Aviation insurance liability insurance;
• Guarantee insurance (guarantees);
• Professional liability insurance;
• Insurance of costs associated with legal protection;
• Childbirth insurance;
• Insurance of construction risks.

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